Bullish is the daily newsletter that Wall Street is watching, and it's less than $30 now

Is there such a thing as too much information? In the world of stocks and investing, you might be surprised to find that sometimes, the answer is yes. Traders and the regular rank-and-file investors have so many indicators and other market signposts to monitor that it can turn into information overload, a sort of white noise of data that starts to make the numbers even murkier than ever.

Sure, you can drop $24,000 a year on the king-high muckety muck of business workstations, the Bloomberg terminal, or you can just get the boiled-down facts you need, formatted and presented intuitively and like clockwork when you need it the most.

More and more often recently, an answer like that is coming in a decidedly old school form: the tried and true email newsletter format. Right now, you can get in on one of the hottest new daily sources for everything investor-related with a premium subscription to the Bullish newsletter.

Started by Eduardo Sasso over his passion for the stock market, Bullish is everything a Wall Street watcher needs to know in its highly concentrated essentials. 

Bullish hits your inbox twice daily, packed with the absolute very latest on what's happening across the investing scene, including a crystalized snapshot view of the market at the moment. This includes stock futures, premarket data, current and historical performance for major indexes like the S&P 500, Nasdaq, Dow Jones, and more.

Of course, a premium membership doesn't just end there. For those top-tier Bullish followers, the daily rundown goes deeper inside the day's activity, with some deep insider stats like US pre-market futures, crypto and Bitcoin performance, sector performance data, top gainers and losers, year-to-date details, and plenty, plenty more.

Every day, users can wake up to Bullish in their email box, arriving before the opening trading bell, while another daily wrapup version is distributed once the day's activity is closed. Between the two, savvy investors always have the up-to-the-minute details on what's happening, all in a hyper aesthetic, easily readable format that helps the numbers and their real significance pop off the screen.

Right now, you can join up for a lifetime of Bullish Premium access. A $299 value, you can get it for a tenth of the price at just $29.99.

Prices subject to change.