Champagne guns that shoot bubbly not bullets

Champagne guns provide you with much more accuracy to hit your targets than sabrage. The model above delivers 45 seconds worth of liquid ammunition and can spray as far as 23 feet. According to the retailer King of Sparklers, "for nightclubs, pool parties, boat trips, music festivals, and more champagne guns are the perfect combination of light hearted fun and elegant style." It sells for $499 and is available in gold, rose gold, or chrome.

Below is the handgun-style Bubbly Blaster which is just $99 and comes in white, gold, rose gold, hot pink, and black. As you can see, it "can be used one-handed, it's comfy to hold, as well as being very controllable and efficient. It even works as a bottle stopper when you're not using it, preserving your champagne to be enjoyed later on."