Tripping has 50 stories about memorable psychedelic trips

I recently read Tripping by Charles Hayes. Tripping is a book of 50 short stories submitted by different people about their most memorable psychedelic trips. The book also features an interview with the late Terence McKenna, a key figure and pioneer of psychedelic counterculture. What I loved about this book is the way it offers a multitude of perspectives from all walks of life about the psychedelic experience. In the stories, people recall what their trips were like, their thought process during the trip, and the way it impacted their life afterward. 

Tripping is an insight into a range of experiences from the profoundly beautiful to the terrifying. I found some of the most thought-provoking stories in the book to be about people's "bummers" and what they learned after emerging from the existential terror and darkness that a bad trip can entail. These stories were some of the most insightful and seemingly transformative ones in the anthology. In this new age of microdosing and psychedelic research and experimentation, Tripping is a must-read for anyone who's interested in consciousness expansion.