Someone made a word processor that plays Sublime every time you type

Do you love the band Sublime? Does that hip-hop drum loop at the top of "What I Got" get you going in the morning (or should I say, risen' to the streets)? Do you find yourself overwhelmed with creative glee every time Bradley Nowell sings "I can play the gee-tar like a muthafuckin' riot" and then plays a a guitar solo that, while delightfully melodic, is hardly impressive or riotous?

If so, then Blaine Cook's Sublime Text (not to be confused with… Sublime Text) is for you. Click in the text composition box, and "What I Got" will play automatically — but only as long as you are typing. As long as you're striking keys, it doesn't matter what you're typing (deletion counts, for example). As soon as you stop typing, however, the song stops, too. This may be a blessing, or a curse, depending on your point of view. But it's certainly a challenge. Do you want to hear more Sublime? Or do you just want to keep typing so you get through the song instead of being yanked our of your concentration by the sudden and jarring lack of Sublime?

The choice is yours.

Sublime Text