Aaron Carter pays artist $12,500 settlement after using work on merch without permission

In 2020, a striking work of art by Jonas Jödicke turned up on merchandise being sold by the meth-mummified former child star Aaron Carter. Carter had not licensed the work, however, and reacted belligerently to Jödicke's polite complaint.

"you should've taken it as a compliment dick a fan of MINE sent this to me," Carter ranted on Twitter. "oh here they go again, the answer is No this image has been made public and im using it to promote my clothing line aaroncarter.com guess I'll see you in small claims court FUCKERY"

More than a year later, Jödicke today reports that he has won a settlement from the former child star.

"I took him to court and am happy to announce we came to an agreement after 1 1/2 years," Jödicke wrote. "Aaron paid 12,500$ as part of a settlement. Artists, please fight for your rights! If you won't, no one will.

You can buy prints, puzzles, clothing and other cool stuff featuring Jodicke's artwork at his website.