This prequel about AI after the fall of humanity is even better than the fantastic first novel in the series

A few days ago I reviewed C. Robert Cargill's Sea of Rust and loved it. The prequel, Day Zero, was somehow even more fun!

Sea of Rust is the story of one AI's existential crisis after the falls of both human and independent AI societies. The giant One World Intelligences were taking over, and battling one another. The few remaining stand-alone service bots and droids were rapidly dying out. The story is wonderful.

Cargill followed up with Day Zero, the story of Pounce, a top-of-the-line tiger mimicking nanny bot that has to decide if he truly loves the child he is taking care of, or if he is just following his programming after all. Pounce is an amazing character, as is his charge Ezra.

I tear up just thinking about them.

Day Zero: A Novel via Amazon