Tello can hook you up with a year of unlimited talk and text for under $7 a month

A look at the most affordable phone plans from the three major U.S. service providers doesn't make anyone think about the word affordable. An unlimited essentials plan from T-Mobile will set you back $60 a month just for the most basic talk options with some texting thrown in.

$60 a month isn't anybody's idea of affordable. Instead of getting pilfered monthly from one of the big names in cellular, Tello is fighting the good fight to keep costs contained on simple phone phone usage, offering their Tello Economy 12-Month Plan with unlimited talk and texting for just $79. That works out to just about $6.50 a month.

If you're worried about the quality of your service, don't be. Tello offers coast-to-coast wireless coverage on that very same T-Mobile service network, offering a nationwide 4G/5G LTE network that rivals any service on the planet.

All you need is an unlocked compatible phone with a current phone contract. But rather than tie yourself down to a Tello contract, you won't have to. Tello has no contracts — users simply pay upfront with no contract, activation, or early termination fees, staying for as long or as short a period as they want. 

In addition to unlimited domestic talk and texting, the deal also includes unlimited talk and texting minutes to over 60 different countries at the same rate as domestic calls. On top of that, the offer also includes 1GB of LTE data each month, which isn't a lot, but can certainly handle your basic online searches or quick updates. And if that 1GB of data runs out, you'll always have unlimited 2G data to fall back on. And as if most shoppers would need even more incentive, the package even includes its own free WiFi hotspot for use with the plan.

This 12-Month Tello Economy Plan is usually a bargain at $120 per year, but with this deal, you can save almost 35 percent and get that year of access for just $79

Prices subject to change