Comic book store files legal complaint in comic book form

Houston's longstanding Third Planet comic book store has filed a lawsuit against the hotel next door complaining that guests there hang out on the fire escape and hurl all kinds of crap ("ceramic mugs, plates, silverware, bottles…cinderblocks, luggage racks and ladders") onto Third Planet's roof. Brilliantly, the bulk of Third Planet's legal complaint is a comic itself. From Cory Doctorow's Plural-list:

[The hotel guests's destructive behavior] led to Third Planet replacing their roof, then paying for a series of repairs to the new roof. The hotel management ignored their pleas. In Mar 2019, hotel residents launched a volley of 14+ fire extinguishers at the store, which exploded on impact.

The store's structure – and its merchandise, including one-of-a-kind, irreplaceable items – have suffered damage. The roof is a goner. The hotel guests and residents continue to pelt it with garbage. Enough is enough.

Third Planet's lawsuit against the Crowne Plaza is a marvel of clear legal writing, but that's not all – it's *also a comic book illustrating the store's complaint*, starting on P6.

Here are a few sample panels:

And then…