Michigan man unearths 158 bowling balls under his porch

Some people dig in their yards and make incredible finds. Fossils, gold, pirate trayy-sure, maybe a skull. David Olson of Muskegon, Michigan was removing his concrete porch himself and made a discovery that would thrill the likes of the Dude, Walter Sobchak and other Big Lebowski references. He found 158 vintage bowling balls in the hardened sand under the porch.

via WZZM13:

It was full of bowling balls," Olson said. "The deeper I went down, the more I pulled out."

"It became mind blowing," joked Olson. "I kind of felt like a paleontologist when they got their little brush and they're dusting the bones off."

They came out in all colors – black, blue and some with yellow specks on them. None of the balls were drilled, and many were damaged.

"A few of them look like alien eggs," Olson joked. "Looks like I have some pretty nice antiques here

"Brunswick" is engraved on most of the balls, so Olson said he decided to call the Brunswick Bowling office in Muskegon.

"They told me that back in the 1950s, they used to make damaged bowling balls available for people to take for free and use as landfill," added Olson. "There's no way to know for certain if that's what the previous homeowner did, but given where the bowling balls were found, it seems logical."

Olson is unsure exactly what to do with all of the bowling balls but has already donated a few of them to a local church. Maybe he should truck them over to a New York City landfill for disposal?