Watch how Trump fan reacts when cornered with facts

It's funny how whenever a Trumper is cornered with facts, they resort to the "What-About" QAnon tactic. "What about Hillary's email?" Or in this MAGA fan's case, "What about Obama's birth certificate?"

It starts when the sage woman tells the Daily Show's Jordan Klepper," You can tell he [Trump] hasn't done anything wrong just by his demeanor. I mean, he would be trying to hide things."

To which Klepper sets her up with, "If he were blocking witnesses or evidence or something like that you'd be like, 'Oh, you're hiding something."

"Right," she says.

"But Trump is blocking witnesses," Klepper tells her.

Looking stunned, the woman stares at Klepper for a very long moment before finally blurting "I don't care." And then she quickly segues into the Obama what-about routine.

And there you have it, folks. Trumpers in a nutshell.