Reputed Kremlin leak shows Putin's support for a 'mentally unstable' Trump controlled by 'kompromat'

The Guardian has received some documents apparently leaked from the Kremlin showing Putin and other leaders belief the Trump presidency would forever damage America, and seemingly confirms the existence of 'kompromat,' or compromising evidence, that could be used to influence or flat out control Donald J. Trump.

Daily Beast:

The document also reportedly states that the Kremlin has so-called kompromat—or damaging intelligence—on Trump. It cryptically refers to "certain events" that happened during "non-official visits to Russian Federation territory." The purported leak doesn't explain what those events involved—only referring to an appendix that wasn't attached the obtained document.

The Daily Beast has not reviewed the supposed Kremlin leak, and The Guardian has not definitively proven it the be authentic. However, it has quoted experts on Russian spy agencies and Kremlin diplomacy who say they have no reason to doubt that the document is genuine. Some previous media allegations based on intelligence reports have ultimately proven to be wrong.

Trump is known to have visited Moscow on multiple occasions in the decades before he was elected in 2016. One memorable section of the Steele dossier threw up some extraordinary but unsubstantiated claims about the former president and some Russian prostitutes in a Moscow hotel room when he jetted in to Russia for the 2013 Miss Universe pageant.