Watch Yoko Ono's incredible "Cut Piece" performance art from 1964

In Cut Piece (1964), one of Yoko Ono's early performances, she sits alone on a stage with a stoic expression on her face. There is a pair of scissors lying in front of her.

The audience was informed that they could use the scissors to cut a small piece of clothing off of her outfit and keep it for themselves.

"Some people approached hesitantly, cutting a small square of fabric from her sleeve or the hem of her skirt. Others came boldly, snipping away the front of her blouse or the straps of her bra. Ono remained motionless and expressionless throughout, until, at her discretion, the performance ended." [Moma]

Something that interests me as I watch this piece is how telling it is about the participants and the audience in the way they decide to interact with her.