"If you wanna see the inside of it I'll show to you." Worker interviewed about office robot (1979)

In 1979 this young woman was interviewed at work about her thoughts on an office robot named Egor that delivered mail around the building throughout the day.

When the woman was asked "How do you feel about having a co-worker that's a machine instead of a person?" she smiles and says "It don't really matter. You can't argue with it. It works the way you want it to. It does what it's supposed to do, and it doesn't have to get paid either."

If I were working in that office, I wouldn't have wanted to stand in this robot's path. Egor looks like a pretty hefty fellow who might roll over and squash someone flat.

This interview is a clip from a documentary. The YouTube caption says: "I found this clip while looking at outtakes from my 1979 documentary called The Information Society. I was filming at Sears office in Chicago. It seems ancient now."