Star Trek's Data loves visiting prisoners

In this video, posted by Major Grin, our favorite android Starfleet officer's vaguely sadistic taste for visiting prisoners is explored.

I was fascinated to see the relevant scene from the original version of third-season episode The Most Toys, as originally shot with a different actor, David Rappaport. Rappaport, suffering from depression, died during the episode's production. The episode, about a clever thief "collecting" (or rather kidnapping and imprisoning) Data, was reshot with Saul Rubinek in the role of Kivas Fajo.

Check out the version below, which purports to depict Rappaport's normal voice. It makes the character of Faro rather more serious and menacing. One can well imagine that Rubinek's lighter, quirkier take on the character was something of a necessity given the circumstances.

And below, Data actor Brent Spiner himself describes the episode's troubled production.

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