Porch pirates' penchant for unicorns led to their arrest

As police investigated a rash of package thefts and stolen cars in Boulder County, Colorado, they found clues in the form of unicorn figurines, books, and drawings left at crime scenes. According to police, the alleged thieves' "affection for unicorns" helped them connect the crimes and identify the suspects—Shane Phillips, 21, Marie Roman, 36, and Adrian Quintana, 44. Operation Unicorn, as the police have named the investigation, is still underway though as Quintana remains at large. From CBS Denver:

As for the discovery of the unicorn books, drawings and figures in the stolen cars and other places, sheriff's spokeswoman Carrie Haverfeld said "We can't speak to what their intent was, whether they left them as calling cards or whether we just happened to find them but they didn't intend for us to find them."