Psychotropic is a podcast about compelling, first-hand experiences about drugs

If you're interested in hearing compelling, first-hand experiences about drugs, check out the podcast Psychotropic: Where Life and Drugs Intersect. On each episode of Psychotropic, someone is interviewed about the substances they've used and were impacted by it. I appreciate how all types of drugs are talked about on the podcast, and the interviewer takes a completely non-judgmental approach, as the interviewee tells their story. 

From Psychotropic:

If you are interested in people, the drug experience and its consequences, philosophies and ideas surrounding drug-use, and how it's all laced into everyday life, then these short memoirs, told by individuals who have (or haven't) partaken, might give you some insight. 

The podcast isn't releasing any new episodes (hopefully it'll start up again someday) but I had a great time listening to the 50 existing episodes.

One of my favorite interviews is Episode 7, which has an interview with the musician/artist Vox talking about "consciousness, the DMT experience, and psychedelic-assisted therapy, among many other things."