15 USB hubs that can handle all your connectivity needs — and they're all on sale

Who doesn't want to see the likes of Spider-Man and Iron Man rubbing shoulders with Superman and Batman? Of course, corporate interests keep Marvel and DC superheroes in competition with each other, rather than settling in as the fast friends we know they would actually be.

What those two comic book universes need is a quality USB hub. Because what is a USB hub if not a magic piece of connectivity tech that bridges gaps, mends fences, and virtually brings each and every outlying component together into one interconnected web?

Ok, that was definitely a strained metaphor, but you get the idea, right? USB hubs are the party where all your friends get together and mingle. So in picking up a hub for your desktop or laptop, it often comes down to how many friends you want to invite over. Right now, we've got your USB hubs for any sized guest list, all on sale now at savings of up to 50 percent off.


For shoppers looking to open up their USB connectivity, it's nearly impossible not to run across at least one member of the extended CASA family of USB hubs made by Adam Elements. From a casual 3 or 4 input device to a sprawling Grand Central Station-style hub with a dozen connection options or more, there is likely a CASA variety to suit any buyer's needs.

CASA Hub and PeAk USB Adapter Bundle – $39.99; originally $51

Equipped with a USB Type-C adapter for the new MacBook Pro and other laptops, as well as two standard USB ports, a microSD, and an SD card slot, this hub covers all your bases. And with the PeAK adapter, users get a reversible micro USB male to USB-A female connection to make data transfer between smartphones simpler.

CASA Hub 5E USB-C 5-in-1 Card Reader Hub With PD 3.0 Fast Charge – $45.99; originally $54

For an expanded range of devices, this 5-in-1 option extends your versatility. Transfer files from USB, SD, microSD, and USB-C supported devices, all at high speed. Users can even charge a laptop with a powerful 60W PD 3.0 fast charging surge that won't interfere with the other USB-C ports.

CASA Hub O7 USB-C Multi-Function Hub with Wireless Charger – $78.95; originally $99

Five is great, but seven is even better. The CASA Hub O7 offers six open connections to accommodate HDMI, VGA, and four USB-A and USB-C devices. Meanwhile, the 7th charging option may not be so obvious, but it's in plain sight the whole time — the wireless charging pad that supports 7.5W/10W fast wireless power-ups.

CASA Hub 10E: 10-in-2 USB-C 3.1 Modular Hub with Expansion Modules – $79.99; originally $99

If you haven't stepped up to Thunderbolt connections yet, this hub could spur you to make the move. Thunderbolt supports even more video bandwidth than HDMI for up to 8K video resolution. This device features 10 slots, including Thunderbolt 3, USB Type-C, USB Type-A, and HDMI. It's also got expansion modules for USB Type-A, RJ45, as well as SD and microSD card reading.

CASA Hub X: 10-in-1 USB-C 3.1 Port Hub – $89.99; originally $109

Whether you're a Windows user or a Mac devotee, this hub is all about versatility. Among the 10 slots for everything from USB-C, HDMI, VGA, RJ45, SD card, micro SD card, and even audio 3.5mm, the Hub X features a USB-C port for power delivery of up to 100W, another for data transfer, and a pair of USB-A ports for feeding those devices as well.

CASA Hub Pro 11-in-1 Full-Function Charging Transmission Hub – $140.99; originally $179

Would you ever need 11 ports for all your connections? With this 11-in-1 transmission station, you're more than ready to find out. Users can charge laptops and mobile phones using the USB Type-C PD fast charge, extend a screen or set up mirror displays on up to 3 displays at once through the HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort ports, transfer data to external devices with USB-A ports, and more.


ChargeHub X3: 3-Port USB SuperCharger – $22.49 after code LIMITLESS25; originally $29

While the CASA units make out your connectivity options, these models from ChargeHub put the focus on the port type that fits the most components these days: USB. Whether you go with the 3-port, 5-port ($29.99 after code LIMITLESS25; originally $39), or 7-port ($44.99 after code LIMITLESS25; originally $59) ChargeHub model, each features the company's own SmartSpeed technology, which kicks out the fastest possible charge of up to 25W of total power to get your devices back to full strength fast.

Stylish and compact, each of these ChargeHub varieties consolidate your power supply through one neat, organized place, eliminating the need for all those extra cables, plugs, outlets, and beyond. And when you use the code LIMITLESS25 during checkout, you can save 25 percent off each of these ChargeHub models.


Crave 52W PowerHub 5-in-1 Desktop Charger – $38.99; originally $49

These Crave PowerHubs are a stellar way to maximize your device charging potential. Both the PowerHub and PowerHub Pro ($47.99; originally $79) feature Smart IC technology, which automatically detects the power needs of a connected device, then delivers at the fastest possible rate while avoiding any potential short-circuiting, overcharging, or overheating fears. 

More great options

65W Power Delivery Charging Hub – $34.99; originally $44

Sometimes, you just need a good old-fashioned AC outlet to complement your power needs, so this charging hub has you covered with a pair of 'em. In addition to the 2 USB-A and 2 USB-C ports, this charging center allows devices to power up to 30 percent faster. And with the compact size and 5 ft. power cord, it's easy to position this little helper virtually anywhere.

Evri Flex USB-C 4-in-1 Hub with 4K HDMI – $39.95; originally $79

Not every hub can handle the rigors of 4K video, but this formidable gadget with a slick aluminum finish brings the goods inside as well. Along with a 4K-compatible HDMI hookup, this unit sports a pair of USB-A ports for file transfers, USB-C for fast, efficient charging, and even pass-through charging to make sure everything is staying fully charged even while it's in use.

USB 8-Port Type-C Valet Hub – $69.99; originally $79

Designed for use with your MacBook Pro, iPad Pro, and other USB-C devices, this hub has versatility for days. Featuring 8 expansion ports with two USB-C ports, two UBS-A ports, SD and microSD slots, 4K HDMI port, and even 3.5mm audio, there's even space on the top for magnetically storing your Apple 2 Pencil for whenever you need it.

BentoStack PowerHub 5000 – $99.99; originally $159

Based on the design of a traditional Japanese lunchbox, this ultra-cool device supplies both power and style. Along with 8 ports for all your USB-C, USB-A SD, MicroSD, HDMI, and 3.5mm audio connections, this case also includes a built-in 5,000mAh power bank with certified Qi wireless charging right in the cover. There are even storage compartments for stashing all your needed cables and assorted accessories.