Own a safari gold 240Z that Brie Larson sat in

Nissan recently imagined itself as a fun auto brand, vs the people who gave us the new Nissan Sentra, this Datsun 240Z was the absolute best example they could find to represent fun.

Of all the "Z" cars, the 240Z is the one I would most likely associate with fun, and I am unsurprised by the already $25k price for a car that I remember used for $2500-3500 in the 1990s.

I believe there is a new Z and they have dropped the 300 or 400 number from in front of it, to imply the current era model is the Z-ee-est of all. Maximum Z. Total Z-ness. Z.

This one is perhaps the best looking, the smallest, and the lightest of them all.

Bring A Trailer:

This 1971 Datsun 240Z was purchased by the seller on BaT in October 2020, with subsequent work reportedly including rebuilding the 2.4-liter L24 inline-six with new bearings, seals, piston rings, gaskets, hoses, ignition components, and water and oil pumps. Additional work consisted of rebuilding the carburetor and fuel pump, reupholstery of the interior in black, changing drivetrain fluids, and installing exhaust components, weatherstripping, a dashboard cover, and taillamps. This 240Z was used in a 2021 Nissan commercial featuring actress Brie Larson and is now offered with promotional items, digital files containing commercial outtakes, advertising photographs, and a clean California title in the seller's name.