Behold the Doom Phone: classic shooter running on a business telephone set

Software engineer Neil Bostian got Doom running on a Polycom VVX600 business telephone set, and explains in exhaustive detail how the feat was accomplished.

In late 2017 I was a new hire on a small (maybe 10 person) IT team. We generally had an option to take hardware for ourselves if the alternative was to be thrown out. Everyone in our office was issued a Polycom desk phone, and occasionally they were retired in favor of newer models. One afternoon we upgraded a user's phone, and I took my opportunity. That night I went home with a Polycom VXX600 and a mission to make it run DOOM.

The VVX600 has a 4.3" LCD Color Touchscreen Display with 480 x 272 pixel resolution and, under the case, is running linux. Nice, he told himself, this will be easy.

It was not easy.