Court filing: Prosecutor told cops to delete photos showing they beat up a disabled 62-year-old man

Two deputies in Lawrence County, Tennesee, beat a disabled 62-year-old man to a pulp last October during his arrest, and in the aftermath sent photos of the man to a prosecutor at District Attorney Brent Cooper's office. The prosecutor told them to delete the photos, according to a court filing.

"They covered the case up. They covered the crimes against Mr. Jones up," Nutt said.

"How many other cases has this happened in? We rely on the integrity of the prosecutor's office when we are negotiating cases," Nutt said.

District Attorney Brent Cooper would not comment.

Lawrence County Sheriff John Myers claims the officers used the minimum force necessary and "in accordance with the policy and training", that Jones is lying about the incident, and the the officers have been placed on administrative leave.

But according to Nashville News Channel 5, the prosecutor has been fired and authorities are scrambling to deal with the cover-up's fallout. Cooper is quoted as saying "The prosecutor referenced in this article has been terminated and no longer works for this office."