is an "extremely simple website builder" with a HTML-brutalism vibe

Osman Ahmed writes in with Straw.Page, a cool website creation platform he's made that makes it easy to get your thing online without the headaches of self-hosting or the engagement incentives of social media. There's a free tier and a paid tier with lots of features such as custom domains and analytics.

It's a new kind of website builder focused on unique/creative sites. The goal is to give people more creative freedom, instead of everyone having to use the same old boring templates you find on every other site builder.

Instead of the conventional tools out there, this is a lot easier to use and is extremely customisable + works on mobile too!

Here's a few of my favourite sites built on the platform: (very weird) (weird)

There's also some more serious (but still creative) sites:

Someone created a website for their festival
An artist used it to build out their site
omeone's personal website

Outstanding, especially how it encourages (but doesn't impose) its old-timey aesthetic and isn't completely unusable on phones.