Look at this optical illusion disc at New York's Little Island

Carla and I just got back from a wonderful week in New York, which I wrote about in my newsletter, The Magnet. While we were there, we visited Little Island and I took a video of this spinning disc optical illusion.

From my newsletter:

Super agent Barry Diller reportedly spent $380 million to build this 2.4-acre artificial island supported on 280 concrete pilings in the Hudson River. Carla and I were supposed to reserve tickets (free), but no one stopped as we walked over the bridge leading to the island. The island has walking trails, an amphitheater, food trucks, and spectacular views, including one of the New York Fire Department's Hudson River station with a pristine fireboat (photo below). We watched a Cuban three-piece band play in the food court. It's worth spending an hour or two here before walking along the nearby High Line (also recommended). I took a video of one of the two optical illusion sculptures along the trails.