Haruki Murakami on one of his favorite t-shirts

Record collector (and author) Haruki Murakami also has a penchant for t-shirts. Writing in the New Yorker, he comments on how he "amassed more t-shirts than I can store" and reveals one of his favorites, seen above. From the New Yorker:

This T-shirt has a straightforward message: "i put ketchup on my ketchup." Now, that's the statement of somebody who is seriously in love with ketchup. It kind of teases those Americans who put ketchup on everything, but I find it interesting that one of the companies that distribute these shirts is none other than Heinz. A little self-deprecatory humor going on here, but you can't help feeling the American spirit in it, the optimistic, cheerful lack of introspection that says, "Who cares about being sophisticated! I'm gonna do what I want!"

When I walk around town in this shirt, Americans sometimes call out, "Love the shirt!" The ones who do this usually have that "I love ketchup" look about them.