Religious vaccine exemptions are mostly bunk

The Colombus Dispatch reports that the evangelical Christians loudly opposing COVID-19 vaccination on religious grounds are full of it. Apparently, only two sects of Christianity have an actual doctrinal objection to vaccines or vaccination.

The Colombus Dispatch:

The only Christian denominations who cite a theological reason for opposing vaccines are the Dutch Reformed Church and Church of Christ, Scientist, according to Vanderbilt.

Some members of the Dutch Reformed Church decline vaccines because it "interferes with divine providence," while others accept it as a gift from God, Vanderbilt research shows.

Other research points to illnesses from smallpox vaccines in the 19th century as a reason some in the religion do not want vaccines.

Denominations that believe in faith healing, or laying hands on people in order to heal their illnesses, also likely don't believe in vaccines.

The same article also shares that both Judaism and Islam feel that taking steps to protect life, yours and others is anything from a good deed to an obligation.