Jordan Klepper speaks to anti-mask parents at Madison Caldwell's protest, revealing idiocracy at its finest

Anti-maskers are known for their willful ignorance on Covid and science, but watching them talk to the Daily Show's Jordan Klepper at a North Carolina anti-mask rally — led by none other than their Qnut poster child Rep. Madison Cawthorn — is still a mind blower (video below).

For instance, one parent tells Klepper her gripe with masks is that it can cause acne. Hmm, Klepper wonders, acne or Covid?

And then there's the woman who says masks are bad because you breathe in the toxins trapped inside the mask. Klepper points out that surgeons wear them, but nah, says the woman, the "funk" you smell inside the mask is a sure sign that science doesn't know what they're talking about.

One woman in the crowd looks completely baffled when Klepper tells her that science shows masks are beneficial indoors. "The science?" she asks, literally looking as if she's never heard the word before. After an audible sigh of confusion, she says, "Ooh, I don't know, I just… Can y'all just edit this?"

It's a good thing the anti-mask anti-vax crowd only watches the likes of Newsmax and Fox and Friends for their entertainment, otherwise Jordan Klepper's MAGA-sympathizing "reporter" jig would be be up by now. But of course they don't recognize him, mistaking him for one of their own, which is what makes his reporting schtick so amusing — and stunning.