Trevor Noah's 91-year-old grandmother schools him on apartheid

When Trevor Noah brought The Daily Show to his South African home to celebrate what would have been Nelson Mandela's 100th birthday, he stopped by his childhood neighborhood to visit with his 91-year-old grandmother. Her memories of what it was like to live under apartheid is both shocking and heartbreaking. Read the rest

Trevor Noah smacks around Trump and other climate change deniers on The Daily Show

"Why can't you respect science as much as Maury Povich does?"

It seems like a reasonable question, but these are unreasonable times. An unreasonable man has been put in charge. He refuses to listen to scientists or anyone else for that matter. Our planet is trying to kill us for what we've done with it. He carries on, regardless. It's an amazing, terrible thing to watch. Trevor Noah's got it nailed down. It might be funny, but man, it's hard to laugh. Read the rest

Baratunde joins The Daily Show

The author and longtime internet forward-thinker joins The Daily Show as their “supervising producer for digital expansion.”

A timelapse of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, from season 3 through 20

Dang, Jon Stewart sure has grown up over those many seasons.

Jon Stewart on NYPD Mace in the Face cop Tony Baloney

Here's Jon Stewart and the Daily Show crew and some very special guests on the future TV show featuring ruthless NYPD mace-rampager Anthony Bologna.

(via Salon)


Occupy Wall Street: “Mace-in-the-face” officer named in 2004 protest ... Another hit from NYPD's “Mace in the Face” cop, DI Anthony ... Read the rest