The highest Pole Position score caught on film

Behold Daniel Yamnitz's excellent Pole Position run, performed on original hardware and filmed for posterity. His score of 67,260 is the best for which video proof exists and second only to a 1984 run attested to by a tournament referee. Yamnitz was profiled by Twin Galaxies; he already held the records for Pole Position II.

Played on an Atari Pole Position original classic arcade sitdown cockpit machine. Settings are Twin Galaxies Tournament settings C rank for practice, G rank for main race, 4 laps. This is the fastest and highest scoring game ever recorded in the 39 years it has existed! Every publication including The Guinness Book of World Records had this as the top score in the 80's.

The difference between this and Les Lagier's 67,310 run is only a single overtake (142 to 141!), for which Pole Position awards 50 points on top of the other scoring elements. Overtaking bonsuses seem to be the only variable in play, as experts play Pole Position flat out from beginning to end and may lose some time to braking or the grass before forfeiting the maximum time bonus. I wonder if it could be demonstrated technically that 142 or more cars are possible?

Those early-80s records were sometimes dubiously refereed and some have been proven technically impossible. That said, it appears from media coverage that the 1984 tournament and the Pole Position rivalry between Lagier and Mike Klug was well-witnessed. One article speculates that these record-setters were playing on altered hardware, but Yamnitz's new run is consistent with their scores.