White supremacist who liked to dress up as a gun-toting Joker sobbed during his felony sentencing

Thirty-three-year-old neo-Nazi Paul Nicholas Miller, who often posted photos of himself dressed as a militarized Joker while calling for a racial civil war to his thousands of social media followers, sobbed during his sentencing for multiple firearms offenses. He will spend 41 months in prison.

Wikipedia says Miller is "known for his advocacy for a race war and espousing white supremacy[10] and neo-Nazism.[11] He has been tied to multiple alt-right[12] and far-right organizations, including the Proud Boys and the Boogaloo movement."

From NBC Miami

"Miller admitted that he had bought the ammunition and that he had tried to build his own rifle in part to learn about firearms manufacturing in preparation for a coming civil war," prosecutors said in a news release. "In the months immediately before his arrest, Miller had made hundreds of internet posts publicizing his animosity towards various minority groups and his support for the initiation of a race-based civil war in the United States."