Hyundai suspends advertising on Twitter after Nazi material runs with ads

NBC News reports that carmaker Hyundai has paused its ads on Twitter, citing the presence of neo-Nazi material alongside its own posts.

"We have paused our ads on X and are speaking to X directly about brand safety to ensure this issue is addressed," Hyundai said in the statement. 

Nancy Levine Stearns, a freelance journalist and X user, posted a screenshot Wednesday of a Hyundai ad running on an X account that often posts Holocaust denial and antisemitism. Stearns has written about brand safety on X for Hill Reporter, a progressive news site. 

Joe Benarroch, head of business operations at X, confirmed the Hyundai pause in an email Thursday in response to questions. He said X was working with Hyundai's marketers to put in place further brand safety controls. 

While this tweet going viral is the immediate problem, for Hyundai to have been there until now suggests a considered tolerance for its ads running against far-right material. That's largely what Twitter is now, after all. Nazi content in specific forms relevant to Korean politics has become a thing of late, which perhaps makes Hyundai more sensitive to Nazi content in general.

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