Atari ST in daily use since 1985 to run campground

Here's an Atari ST that's been in daily use since 1985 as a general-purpose business machine at a campground, complete with software written by its single careful owner, Frans Bos. Victor Bart interviews him about his decades of happy computing.

This Atari 1040ST is still in use after 36 years! Frans Bos bought this Atari in 1985 to run his camping (camping bohmerwald). He wrote his own software over the years to manage his camping and the registration of the guests. He really likes the speed of the machine over new computers. And 6 months a year the machine is on day and night!

"Could you output the data for use on a new machine?" Bart asks.

"No." replies Bos.

The campsite has a website and I can't help but imagine it's served from the same Atari.

A few years back Ars Technica found some Amigas in use for about as long. You can still, of course, buy deadstock 16-bits for use as game machines or video toasters.