Pro-Trump attorney Lin Wood suggests Twin Towers weren't hit by planes: "we got played"

Lin Wood told attendees at a rally in Georgia on Friday that neither the Twin Towers nor the Pentagon were hit by planes on September 11, 2001.

Here's an excerpt from his speech:

Nine eleven. You want to talk about that? Let's talk about CGI. You know what that is? Computer graphics generated images. You know what CGI is? You know what deep fake videos are? I know you know what photoshopping is.

Two thousand one. The estimate was there was three and a half trillion dollars. That was the estimate, that had been stolen from the defense budget. They were going to have hearings starting on November the 12th to discuss that money that had been stolen and was missing. That was your money by the way.

And then all of a sudden, on 9/11, what appeared to be a plane hit one building, what appeared to be a plane in another building. Then, later that night, another building failed, and I wasn't hit by a dadgum thing. It was the building that went down, Building Seven, that had all the paperwork in it with respect to the missing money.

And the Pentagon got hit by a missile. There were no plane fragments found anywhere on any of the sites — New York, Pennsylvania, the Pentagon. And they just happened to hit where the papers were about the missing money. There are no coincidences. We got played. We got played by people that are so evil that for money they killed 2,800 Americans on that day, including policemen and firefighters. If George Bush 43 is not already in Hell, then he needs to go to jail before he goes to Hill because he is a criminal.

When Newsweek contacted Lin Wood for comment about his remarks he said, "I talk about it to get propaganda media like Newsweek to write about it."