Fort Worth, Texas has a 9/11-themed bar

Bar9Eleven is strip mall watering hole in in Fort Worth, Texas with a 9/11 theme. Bar 9-Eleven features photos of the terrorist attacks, a timeline of the day's events and, er, the proprietor's experience of the news while he was busy opening his very first restaurant. (Click on the photo tweet below to read the signage.) Bar 9-Eleven has been open for a decade but it's just become Internet famous. From Texas Monthly:

The bar's owner, Brent Johnson, told Texas Monthly that he chose the name after hearing about a survey one September that supposedly found "eighty percent of Americans" didn't know that the anniversary of the event was approaching. Though there's no evidence that this is true, and Johnson admits that he wasn't sure about the details of the survey, it still didn't sit well with him. By coincidence, September 11, 2001, was also the day Johnson opened his first restaurant, a Tex-Mex joint called Rio Mambo that now has four North Texas locations (including one next door to Bar9Eleven). "I don't want anyone who comes into my restaurant to forget that day," he said, recalling the way it felt to watch the towers fall on his television as he prepared for his first day of business. 

top image: Google Street View