The Fart Pedal: guitar pedal makes everything sound flatulent

Steve Gadlin designed his new guitar pedal, The Fart Pedal, to recreate the sounds of farts. Like, actual farts. Plug your guitar (or other audio source!) in, dial in the balance between wet (heh) and dry sounds, and whatever you play will sound like a big ol' fart.

As the Kickstarter campaign explains:

Since the beginning of time, guitar players have been enhancing their guitar sounds through the use of guitar pedals. Whether it's to achieve classic distortion, chorus, wah, or phaser noises,  most guitarists plug in to a variety of pedals to produce their signature sound.

Now you can lace your signature sound with some truly epic farts.

Cleverly, the Fart pedal comes with a variety of stickers so you can trick people into using it under the guise of being a fuzz pedal or something else. Case in point: you can watch bassist Amos Heller, who's played for Taylor Swift, discover the wonders of the Fart pedal below:

The Fart Pedal has successful raised over $30,000 on Kickstarter in less than one week. What a time to be alive.

The Fart Pedal [Steve Gadlin / Kickstarter]