Bozo the Clown is back, thanks to David Arquette

Before coulrophobia became cool, Bozo the Clown ruled the airwaves. Created by Alan W. Livingston, Bozo first made the scene on a children's record and book series from Capitol Records. In 1954, entertainer Larry Harmon purchased the rights and suddenly Bozo was a celebrity, appearing on TV channels across the country thanks to the magic of franchising. Tragically though, interest in Bozo began to wane and a fear of clowns overtook our culture. But now… Bozo is back, baby! Actor David Arquette has purchased the rights to Bozo from Larry Harmon Pictures.

Apparently Arquette is creating a live interactive experience in Brooklyn, titled Empire Circus and starring good ol' Bozo!

"Bozo represents a world of love, light, and laughter," Arquette says. "Something we can all use more of right now."


image: WGN-TV (Public Domain)