Watch along as a YouTuber builds V8 powered Tesla

YouTuber RichRebuilds is dropping a V8 into one of Elon Musk's electric cars.

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Rich of Rich Rebuilds on Youtube would probably be just another face in the crowd had he not caught Tesla on film up to their dirty work trying to keep third parties from obtaining any information on their cars. Rich found that asking to buy so much as a set of plastic wheel nut covers elicited an absolute interrogation asking why he wanted the parts and what he planned to use them for.

If Tesla believes you're independently fixing a salvage-titled Tesla model, they have the capability to ban the VIN number from their proprietary fast charge network. Something they can and have done in the past, and even had the gall to charge abhorrent amounts of money to have the car reinstated into the network. If you have the money to defy Musk's orders and to try and hack back into the network without his express permission, he can and has sent swarms of lawyers after independent shops, and even try and press criminal charges. This near-psychotic devotion to sticking it to the little man reads more like a crazed dictator rather than an industrious entrepreneur.