Man receives traffic ticket after CCTV mistakes woman in lettered t-shirt with his car's license plate

David Knight received an automated traffic violation in the mail for driving in a bus lane in Bath, UK. However, the CCTV photo evidence of the alleged incident didn't depict his car but rather a woman walking in the bus lane wearing a t-shirt with the word KNITTER emblazoned on it. Kinght's license plate is KN19TER and the system apparently confused the pedestrian for Knight's Volkswagen van. From The Guardian:

[David Knight's wife] Paula Knight, also 54, a mother of two, said the council call handler "burst out laughing" when she alerted her to the error[…]

She added: "We've been laughing about it a lot. There was no way I was going to pay for a woman walking in a bus lane with a funny T-shirt on."