There's a new museum dedicated entirely to ouija boards

The 500-square-foot Salem Witch Board Museum is one of the more recent additions to the spooky tourist strip in Salem, Massachusetts. But at least it has a unique angle: ouija boards, ouija boards, and nothing but Ouija boards. Also, it only exists as a speakeasy, hidden in a corner that can only be accessed through the Remember Salem gift shop. Though the museum itself opened in 2018, founder John Kozik has been building the museum's collection for 15 years. From The Boston Globe:

All in all, the museum collection totals 300 to 500 boards.

Kozik said his grandmother used her board alone — a feat some would consider bad luck, according to Ouija superstitions. Though a young Kozik was never allowed to be in the same room as her when she used it, he tried to spy from a top stair or through her window hoping to catch a glimpse of which letters and numbers her fingers darted across.


Kozik searches high and low for additions to his Ouija board collection and has built up a large network of fans and friends who help steer him toward his next find. Typically, he finds boards at estate sales, yard sales, or flea markets. Whether it's conversing at the local dry cleaners, convenience store, or even worldwide, Kozik said he leaves "no stone unturned."

The museum's Ouija board collection is displayed chronologically, creating a visual history of the evolution of these spooky talking boards. I haven't been myself yet, but it sounds like a cool trip … after the October tourist rush.