Finally: Hot dog flavored candy canes

Leave it to Archie McPhee to bring the world Hot Dog Candy Canes:


Hot Dog Candy Canes will remind you of school lunches and backyard BBQs. Instead of cookies this year, maybe Santa would prefer a wiener? Boiled, grilled or steamed, everybody loves a hot dog! Sure, traditionally they aren't made from the highest quality meat, but it's a nostalgic flavor that can't be beat. Each pack of six 5-1/4" tall candy canes has red and white stripes and tastes like a sweet, meaty hot dog.

These striped meat candy sticks are already sold out ($6.50)! AND, so are Sardine and Sour Cream & Onion flavored ones. Eep, they told us there would be supply chain issues but I didn't know our candy canes were in jeopardy!