Judge so racist and sexist even Alabama wants rid of him

A judge who mouthed the n-word in court and constantly utters racist remarks to or about his own employees "must be removed from office," says Alabama's state judicial ethics court.

Judge Randall Jinks was also a constant sexist, according to the complaint that might finally lead to his dismissal [PDF]. Jinks' bullshit ranged from abusive and inappriate remarks to showing smutty music videos to staff—more than 100 incidents in total.

That employee, Darrius Pearson, had testified that in May 2019, when Jinks saw his new car, he said that he, as a judge, couldn't afford one but asked, "What you doing, selling drugs?"

Upon learning of the court's decision Friday, Pearson said, "My heart skipped a beat," adding that it was "important" to hold the judge accountable.

The employees also accused Jinks of using profane language and throwing tantrums, once going on a tirade after his sandwich went missing from a refrigerator, and that he tried to use the power of his position to get or grant favors.

First judge to face removal from the bench in Alabama since Roy Moore.