Make it a Lovecraft Christmas with Michael Whelan's amazing holiday cards

Artist Michael Whelan has painted a fantastic set of 20 Lovecraftian holiday cards! Available for sending your twisted greeetings to your friends, or if you wish there are 90 signed items for collectors.

Available at Lovecraft Christmas.

My friend Bob had to say:

Dark Christmas cards for the merriest season of what seems a downright dreary year. 20 cards + 20 envelopes for $20 (with free shipping in the US). There's also a bonus holiday card signed by legendary artist Michael Whelan whose iconic "Lovecraft's Nightmare" paintings are the basis for these black beauties. Only 90 sets are available for Sinister Santa types with a desire to embellish their "Ho Ho Ho"s with a touch of painterly horror.

Card packs with a bundled Michael Whelan art book are also available with free US shipping.