Bill Plympton's "Plympmania" inspires me to draw

Plympmania is an animation by the artist Bill Plympton, best known for the animated short, Your Face. The artwork in Plympmania illustrates his creative skill. The frames were all drawn by hand in colored pencil. Funny, absurd situations appear in the cartoon, such as a man's head transforming into various objects. Definitely worth checking out.

From the YouTube description:

We found another "LOST" Bill Plympton classic!  This one is called "Plympmania" and it was assembled in 1996 from short animated sequences and transitions that were first used on the 1992 FOX-TV sketch comedy show "The Edge", which starred Julie Brown, Wayne Knight, Alan Ruck, Paul Feig, Tom Kenny (later the voice of "Spongebob SquarePants" and some unknown actress named Jennifer Aniston (whatever happened to her?)

Bill later took the pieces and edited them together to form a new short. Between the short gags are new variations of his famous "weird things happen to a guy's face" sequences, similar to the ones that made "Your Face" such a popular film about a decade before.  Enjoy!