U.S. cops aiming for 1000-kill year

After shooting, beating, choking and kicking their way to 1,021 kills last year and 2019's near-miss count of 999, U.S. police officers are racing to bring 2021's death toll over the the line: Statista reports this week that police killed 716 civilians in the first nine months of 2021. They'll need a busy Christmas season to make it, though, especially with turnout depressed by anti-vaccine politics.

Even if they don't hit their targets, though, law enforcement officers in the U.S. already have much to be proud of. In Canada, police have racked up only 35 kills so far this year. And in Britain, the paltry total of 3 seems to include a personal murder that took place off the clock.

Among countries honest enough to count the bodies, America's rootin'-tootin' lawmen are outpaced only by their brethren in a handful such as Venezuela, Syria, India and Brazil, though about 20 more carve out a per-capita advantage.

U.S. cops could catch up with a weird trick, though: kill as many white people as they do blacks and hispanics. A recent review also found that inaccurate labeling of deaths in police custody may be depriving officers of hundreds of notches every year.