Slideshow of incredible gargoyles of the past

Gargoyles are grotesque carved statues of Gothic architecture, often used to spit water off roofs or away from the side of a building. Gargoyles have carved openings in their mouths to allow the water to spill out. Water enters the gargoyle through a trough on its back. Gargoyles are often placed on buildings to divide rain-water flow and prevent damage to the building. 

The slideshow of Old World Gargoyles and Grotesques features a number of amazing old gargoyles, some of which are truly frightening, but are also adorable. These creatures look so beautiful with their gaping mouths and blank stares. I can't stop looking at the two creatures pictured at 5:41. It looks like a demonic mother holding her screaming baby. Which Gargoyle(s) in this slideshow are your favorite?