Videos show crowd stampede at Travis Scott concert that left 8 dead, hundreds hurt

On Friday, 50,000 people attended the Astroworld concert by rapper Travis Scott in Houston. Due to crowd surging, some of them will not come home alive. The Houston Fire Department treated hundred of injuries in a field hospital Due to the tragic events on Friday, the festival is canceled on Saturday.

The New York Times:

Videos posted on social media from concertgoers show a chaotic scene near the stage at Travis Scott's Astroworld festival performance in Houston on Friday night, with some people in the crowd pleading for help and others unaware of any serious problems.

Twenty-three people were taken to nearby hospitals by emergency responders, Chief Peña said, adding that of those patients, 11 were in cardiac arrest. Over 300 people were treated at a "field hospital" at the site, he said.

The chaos may have started when fans violently stormed through the security check at 2pm Central Time, hours before a later stampede that occured as Travis Scott was onstage.

In response to the news, Travis Scott issued a statement on social media offering "total support" to the Houston Police.