"Pretty famous" rapper gets McDonald's meal named after him

As we were driving past McDonald's the other day, my 15-year-old daughter told me, "A pretty famous rapper has a meal named after him now."

I said, "Oh? Who?"

"I don't remember."

So, I looked when we got home. It's Travis Scott. Clearly I am not their target demographic and am out of touch with current rap stars, because I didn't recognize the name.

Anyway, the limited time $6 menu item is called the Travis Scott Meal and it includes "a Quarter Pounder with cheese, medium fries with BBQ sauce and a Sprite with extra ice." There's even a line of related merch.

The last time McDonald's named something after a celebrity was 30 years ago with Michael Jordan's "McJordan" sandwich. And, yes, I do know who he is.

screengrab via McDonald's/YouTube