Supercut of every guest star on "The Love Boat" runs 26 minutes

From Eight is Enough heartthrob Willie Aames to Laugh-In favorite Jo Anne Worley, this supercut combines the intro headshots of (almost, see below) every guest star that appeared on The Love Boat, which ran from 1977 to 1986. If you play it at double speed, it'll take just 23 minutes!

From the YouTube description:

This supercut contains an introduction for every guest star (exceptions noted below) on the entire run of "The Love Boat," including the first 3 reunion specials. 901 in total! Each star is included only once, regardless of their number of actual appearances.

FUN FACT: The real Pacific Princess could only hold 688 passengers! But there was a crew of 373, rather than 6

UPDATED: Astute viewers have noted that three one-time guests from Season 9, Episode 3 are sadly omitted: Andy Griffith, Peter Marshall, and Andy Warhol. Kristy McNichol is also omitted.

THIS INCLUDES: Every guest star from every regular episode from Seasons 1 – 9 (except unique guests from Season 9, Episode 3, and Kristy McNichol), as well as the first 3 specials aired after the series ended.

THIS DOES NOT INCLUDE: Introductions from the first 3 pilots, or from "Love Boat: A Valentine Voyage". [The first 2 pilots had entirely different casts, although every guest from the 1st pilot is still represented here. The third pilot was similar to the TV series in many ways, but not the same show. The "Valentine Voyage" introduction was very different.] As noted above, unique guests from Season 9, Episode 3 are also excluded, as is Kristy McNichol