This weird, old-timey, electric bike-car from Alibaba sells for $2,000

This old timey-looking electric Surrey bike is available from Alibaba for around $2,000. It holds four adult passengers plus features two child seats in front which seems… problematic. From Electrek:

Running on a 60V system, this four-person electric bike-car seems to have a pretty powerful setup. And with a 32 Ah battery packing just shy of 2 kWh, the thing even gets a reported range of 80 km (50 miles). The battery is an old-fashioned lead acid pack, unfortunately. But that's nothing a few hundred bucks and a few minutes on Amazon can't solve. While you're at it, might as well grab some cheap solar panels to throw on top too!

There's even a hidden feature to this fun-mobile. I thought this was just a four-person e-bike, but there are actually two kiddie seats up front to stash another couple tiny passengers. I have to question the placement of those seats, though. Positioned directly in front of the driver, they seem to do double duty by ensuring the flailing toddlers obstruct the driver's vision as much as possible, then serving as the most poorly thought-out crumple zone ever during the inevitable crash they cause.