What is this mysterious massive container that washed up on a Florida beach?

On Friday in Brevard County, Florida, visitors noticed this massive metal container that apparently washed up on the beach. It's approximately 20 feet long and 8 feet tall. Canaveral National Seashore resource manager Kristen Kneifl thinks it could be a ballast tank from a ship while others wonder if it's an oil drum or fuel container. To me, it looks more like advanced technology from the ancient underwater civilization of Atlantis. In any case, getting rid of it may be harder than dealing with a dead beached whale. From ClickOrlando:

''Unlike maybe some boats or other things that wash up, where we can kind of chain saw it apart and get it over one of our boardwalks, it doesn't look like it can be cut up,'' Kneifl said. ''So, it's going to have to be removed from the water, from the oceanside."

Kneifl said, chances are, the strange object will be removed on a barge and transported elsewhere by sea.

Hmmm… "elsewhere."