Queen of England "has entered a new phase," will re-emerge next year, MSN reports

Queen Elizabeth recently missed the General Synod, the Church of England's national assembly, for the first time in her reign. This is understandable; the 95-year-old has been dealing with some health problems, as well as the recent passing of her husband.

MSN had a slightly more cryptic take on the subject, however:

Which, as you can imagine, people had a field day with:

The article has since been taken down, though you can still find via the Internet Archive. This was probably a wise move on MSN's part, seeing as there are no reliable sources for the quoted comments about the Queen "entering a new phase" and re-emerging in February. I suppose it is, however, not entirely impossible that the Queen has crawled into some sort of cocoon where she will gestate and evolve into her final form like the Moonchild from The Invisibles (even though technically in that comic, the Queen crowns