Alex Jones posted a video begging for money after he lost Sandy Hook lawsuit

Republican standard-bearer Alex Jones profited handsomely when he claimed the federal government staged the Sandy Hook schoolchildren massacre and the slaughtered children's parents were hired actors. While Jones raked in the money on his Infowars network the grieving parents were harassed and threatened with death for years by Jones's fans. They sued for defamation and Jones and he lost all four cases. Now Jones has made a video begging for money.

From The Independent:

"Make a $10 donation, a $1,000 donation," he said. "Wealthy people out there – your free speech is being destroyed! InfoWars is just the first domino to fall and if wealthy folks don't start spending their money promoting liberty, promoting freedom, we're going to lose this country!"

He concluded by saying that he had never issued an "alert this serious" but he needed help right now.